Julie Warner

Julie is the secretary of the Gate Riding Club and can usually be found running around the lorry park, rings and toilets. …These are her areas of responsibility; she says “I still am not sure how I got the best jobs”
Julie  has been riding for as long as she can remember and has competed at the Gate on a variety of different equines.

Julie is now the lucky rider of a beautiful coloured mare ‘Poppy Longstockings’ owned by Jayne Thompson, and in 2014 they reached the dizzy heights of the Team Quest dressage finals riding with the team Harlequin Horses; which she describes as a totally amazing experience.

Julie has also done a little bit at the Gate with some success in Ridden classes and Dressage. In previous years, with her daughter , she assisted her with B.S.P.S. Working Hunter Pony classes and when she stopped, Julie continued riding their 15hh WHP ‘Harvey’ who she took on to do some T.R.E.C. reaching a very creditable 3rd in the National Champs and some unaffiliated dressage.
Julie is looking forward to making the Gate a recognised club in the area for putting on great shows and getting ‘teams’ out competing in British Riding Club competitions.

Julie says “Please do come and see me if you have a query or suggestion on how we can improve the show for you”

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