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Showground and Membership Rules and Conditions

Show protocol

1All competitors and their supporters, helpers etc. whilst on the showground must abide by the rules of the Club.


The judges decisions are final. Any objections must be made to the Club Secretary in writing within 1 hour of the alleged incident, together with a deposit of £20 which will be forfeited if the objection is not upheld or is frivolous.


Judges are not to be harassed by a competitor or any other person


The club and its officials can not be held responsible for loss, damage or injury whether to persons, property or animals.


Hors Concors entries should compete in that category at the end of the particular class. No awards will be presented or points earned in that class.


Ponies must jump in the appropriate height class and riders must compete in the appropriate age group. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Show Safety

7All persons on the showground must comply with the safety advice and directions given by Club officials and displayed on safety notices


Safety Headgear must be worn by all persons when mounted on ponies or horses.  Chinstraps must be securely fastened at all times. Riding hats must comply with the current British or European Safety Standards.


Appropriate protective clothing, including footwear must be worn by all persons on the showground when mounted.


Only riders entered to compete in the show may use the practice ring and must jump the practice fence in the direction indicated with the red flag on the right hand wing. Grooms and owners not eligible use his facility.


A fall of the rider will result in elimination from the competition. Such dismounted riders should not remount whilst in the show ring.


Competitors should be mounted on suitably sized ponies or horses. Should a judge or show official be concerned that a rider is under or over-horsed they will be requested to withdraw in the interests of safety or animal cruelty


Show Administration

13Competitors’ season membership paid before April 1st will attract a discount. Memberships will be valid up until the end of the calendar year. Day memberships will be available to cover a single show.


Club trophies must be returned to the Club Secretary, in clean condition in time for the start of the relevant class at the following show. Trophies remain the property of the Club and all, including those for the Chairman’s Show, must be returned on the last Club show day of the year. Failure to return trophies on time will result in competitors points being deducted.


All entries must be paid for at the time of entry or a signed cheque deposited with the entries secretary at the show. Refunds will only be made if the class is cancelled.


To be eligible for trophies at the annual Chairmans Show members must have competed in at least three club shows in the relevant classes


Lead Rein competition

17Lead rein riders electing to ride as juniors can not revert to lead rein after competing in the junior category


Leaders in Lead Rein competitions must follow the line taken by the pony and must be behind the animal’s head at all times. The lead rein must be connected to the noseband and not to the bit. Snaffle bridles only must be used. Competitors in these classes must be on the lead rein at all times including for prizegiving.





Tiny Tots

19Tiny Tots competition will be two clear rounds, not against the clock. Riders can go in classes 1 and 2 and other classes in Ring 2 and 3 providing they are in the appropriate age and height group.


Showing Classes

20Riders may not compete in classes 4 (working hunter pony) and 9 (working hunter over 143cms) with the same animal. Riders may compete more than one animal in these two classes. Riders must declare on entry which mount will go forward for conformation, Judging and placing.


Riders may not go in classes 28 (Riding Club Horse) and 29 (Riding Club Pony) with the same animal


Class 29 (Riding Club Pony) to be ridden with snaffle bridle without martingale


Classes 30, 31 and 32 (Mountain and Moorlands) will be judged as per B.S.P.S. (British Show Pony Society) rules. Points gained will be awarded to the rider. The pony will be allowed in only ONE of these classes.


Best Kept Pony Tack and Rider and Handy Pony classes: a pony may go in these classes only once. It may not be used again with another rider.


Ring Etiquette

25Draw reins, side reins, schooling aids or such gadgets are not allowed in any show rings.


Competitors must not enter the show ring until it is appropriately safe to do so as instructed by stewards, judge or announcer.


Unofficial practice or warming up must not be undertaken in any show ring.


Clear Round

28A pony or horse is allowed up to three refusals in the same round before being disqualified

Point System


Points are awarded to members as follows:



1st Place – 6 Points

2nd Place – 5 Points

3rd Place – 4 Points

4th Place – 3 Points

5th Place – 2 Points

6th Place – 1 Point


Please note no points will be awarded on Championship Day – a separate schedule is available and prizes and Sashes will be awarded on the day.